Evävaara Design’s acoustic products are now known by the name sshhh. The company wants to improve the well-being of studying and work environments today and tomorrow, which is why it is developing new innovative solutions for the sshhh product family. All products are manufactured in the Lahti region in Finland. The first product in the series was launched already in 2002, and now the wide selection features acoustic products for different purposes. Sound or silence play a key role in all of them.



Antti Evävaara has manufactured his own furniture designs since 1985. As the founder and owner of the company, he is responsible for product design and product development.

“Beautiful and functional form is created at the interface of user need and design. That interface is at the core of my work.”

Evävaara can also be undoubtedly regarded as a pioneer of functional furniture design in Europe. Continuing along his path of strong innovative developments, he aims to solve the needs of future users already today.

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